How to find your way down to the beach in Lima?

A really common question, once in the city most of the tourists wonder to walk to the “Playa” or beach from their hotels, confusing isn’t it? no problems…it’s easy as long as you find your way to the Parque del Amor (love park) of Miraflores.

Love Park of Miraflores

Next to the Park and right under the bridge, you will see one of 8 ways down to the path that will take you to the beach. the sidewalk goes next to the road. go straight, once you see the beach and the end of the path go the left and find the bridge to the beach.

It will take you 15 min to go there, walk up maybe 30 slow passing.

what to do there? besides actually taking a bath on the cold waters of the South Pacific you can practice surfing (classes offered there), rent a surfboard, or go to La Rosa Nautica restaurant.


Here a video of how that zone looks like.



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