HOT!… Peruvian chili sauce

Aji or chili

It doesn’t matter where you go, a locals restaurant or a touristic one, you will always find on your table a sometimes red, sometimes yellow creamy paste called AJI that can be confused with ketchup …. be careful! is usually very hot and DELICIOUS, and WE can’t imagine our life without it.

Going back to the chili paste, we put it in almost everything: soups, entrees, main courses… there is also a variety of Pisco sour made of… Yes, CHILI.

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Chili sauce

Locals say, for example, that a good Ceviche is that one that makes you cry, and not necessarily of pleasure… one thing we like is the sensation of a cold beer refreshing your palate after such intakes of AJI paste. Wondering when this hot tradition started? back in the Prehispanic times, Incas and Pre-Inca cultures loved chili: no refrigerators available made this product a good way to increase or dissimulate certain undesired flavors, another great reason is that this product is a great bactericide, they possibly got to understand that by eating it and feeling less incidence of stomach ache and started to use it regularly since then, today’s people of the most remote communities of this nation still use this natural remedy as a great condiment to their food.

Chili Sour

If you want my advice: try it but in moderation… a tiny spoon first and the more if your tongue can resist it.


P.s. Get first a big glass of water and make sure is right next to you, just in case.

Photo Credits: Diego Portal and Vanessa Vasquez

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