Graffiti art in Lima

One of the best scenarios to see this form of art is Barranco, a nice walk throught the streets of this district will keep you exercised and give you another perspective of the city and its people, also you will be able to take many beautiful pictures of graffiti art every where, and the best part is that this district is very safe for tourists.

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Other districts to see graffitis are the downtown of Lima and Callao (the old port of the city) both offer art and culture, but travelers have to be cautious cos they are not as safe late by night if you are on your own, so this is when a local friend can be very helpful

Miraflores, the touristic district is as well a great place to see graffitis, near Kennedy Par , for example, you can see many on Berlin street, a hot spot for foodies and night club’s lovers.

Some more art on the walls of Callao:

Put on your confortable shoes and come out of your hotel for some art, it is for free and everywhere !

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