El Niño phenomenon is affecting Peru

Yes, this is happening now as it has happened time after time, this power of nature, this cyclopean force that has been so decisively important for the ancient societies, with its passing it had determined the end and therefor the emerging of pre-hispanic civilizations, is now back, accomplishing a cicle of devastation, but as usual after El Niño calm will come…so the question is: when it will stop?


We are not sure, nobody can say it clearly, we can only see the floodings, the destruction, lack of basic goods as vegetables, potatoes or bottles of water, there is no running water, and the lives of some (over 60 in this moment) taken by the mudslides, half a million already affected. People away risk zones felling the uncertanty. When is this going to end? we say.

Mrs. Evangelina Chamorro, one of the survivors of the mudslides, she and many have lost everything but hope.

Ancient societies knew and fear El Niño, thats why human sacrifices were offered, few choosen ones were given away to the gods to safeguard the lives of many more. For a moments I can see my world with the same eyes of my ancesters.

But in this calamity, when our love for our people emerge, when many stand up to help those complete strangers that now we call “brothers and sisters” one thing comes to my mind: what a devastating force, but what a blessing is to still have love in our hearts to help the helpless, to feel the pain of another in one’s flesh. God bless everyone helping and the ones that need help.

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