DOMOS BoulevART and my experience in this place. Lima

DOMOS BOULEVART is this new site located on an open-air zone, in the beachfront of San Miguel district, the place is a new proposal of art, food, and entertainment all in one place, and with the wonderful location and the promised of food…I had to try it for you all. this was the resulting of my visit to this place.


As you know, in terms of having fun and trying food, I always ask the opinion of the best  (and most picky) judges I know, my 2 daughters. I took them to this place by car, the place is located on the beach, for us Limenians, that location is considered quite unreachable unless you have a car or you can take a taxi, because most of the city rests above a cliff that elevates 80 meters above the ocean, there are few bridges and pathways, so most of the local people get a bit discouraged to go down , but if you don’t count with your own vehicle there is no problem.. this site is connected to one of the bridges that come from above the cliff, the main park of San Miguel district just one block away from its city hall.

Main entrance

The parking is spacious, and not expensive ( about 1 USD per hours), the main entrance is located few meters away. The first thing you see is an amusement park, my girls got crazy! but I was so hungry that I had to convince them to jump over that zone for a while and to go straight to the food trucks that I knew were there. Travel Tip: if you come with children as I did, and you are planning to eat first, there is another entrance that you can take to go straight to the food trucks, just consult to the people there…there is no need to make your children suffer for not going to play with the carousel, or you crying of starvation…

Next part is the food…that day I count 8 food trucks all of them offering different options, Chicharron, Tacos, Pizza, Roast Chicken, Sushi and more…there what also another one of cocktails…obviously I couldn’t try that one but everybody seem very content with their drinks: Pisco Sour, Caipiriñas, Algarrobinas…happy happy happy people.

And the winner is…the Wrap truck!

Then, we saw many children laughing and screaming around a lady making huge soap bubbles, It was really fun and a great chance for my girls to interact with other children, while they were playing, I sat to hear a music band playing pop music…life is good.


Live music


Next, the shopping part, my girls really like this part a lot, one of the ways to teach them to be responsible shoppers is to support small shops and producers like the people offering products here. Prices are fair and they have cute things, clothes, cheap jewelry and more food.

Are we missing something?…yes, the amusement park part… every game had a price of 5 soles (1 dollar and a half). after this we returned home happy and tired, this place comes highly recommended by us tree. If you want to learn more about it click here, and if you want to know its exact location click here.


For now, this place is only opened on Sundays, from 12 to 7 pm. Live music, food trucks and a playground for children are waiting for you, the best part: the admission is for free. Come with children or friends and enjoy the live music and the opportunity of disconnecting from the busy and sometimes chaotic Lima. Relax, drink, eat, talk and have fun.

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