Crazy market traffic on Sunday , Ica – Peru

I can’t imagine a Sunday market with really bad traffic, is like a rose without thorns…

Yummy street food – purple corn pudding and rice with milk)

In my city Lima, markets are busy, they always smell like a million flavors all together, but at the same time are magical places where you can give a try of the real culture of local people, not the tourist version.

Tuk-tuks, cheapest local transportation

Said this, if you don’t like busy, hectic, smelly , don’t come to one, on the contrary , if you are looking for an unforgettable experience, as to your local guide for the nearest wholesale market, if you are with a local ask to be taken in a local tuk-tuk (mototaxis) and come for adventure.


Talking about them, last time I was in Ica city (the nearest capital of a department to Lima) I passed near a market, it was Sunday and we knew that was a big mistake… but there was no other way for our big bus.

Ica is a big city with a population of ….. the local tradition is to go to the local market on Sunday to do the week’s shopping of groceries in the family. Sounds good but not if you want to go across one with a bus with over 30 seats.

I have made a short video to picture you well how’s like to be stuck in such a traffic. Enjoy it from the safety of your comfortable seats wherever you are in the world

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