Craving for a burger? do it the right way – Miraflores, Lima

Heavenly food!

A couple of days ago I was craving for a burger since breakfast time (I’m almost 9 weeks pregnant, so maybe that explains the situation better). The problem was that I didn’t want a regular American franchise burger, I was looking for something mire specific , something artisanal and flavorful.

Coincidentally, that day I had a city tour that ended at the always beautiful Miraflores area, a paradise for foodies: cheap or high-end options, Peruvian creole, food seafood, international food , anything, just mention it! .

But I had something specific in mind, and being a very curious person I venture into this new place called STREET BURGER, located in the heart of the district (few meters away Larco Ave. ) this place was from all angles the discovery of the week.

Great ambiance and service, and the food was more that good, they keep bringing popcorn to the table as complementary to us, and then fries with sausage all for free, while we where waiting for our burgers that came out fast with the perfect temperature and delicious. The average invest per person is 30 soles (about 10 USD). I had the Larco burger.

Feels always good to help grow small businesses that are doing things right. Im leaving you a street map to find your way there. Regards

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