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Colombia is most popularly known as the land of good coffee (and that is true), but another discovery I have made is the Colombian beer. I must confess that I have tried on my last trip several of them (maybe too many). here I share some of the knowledge obtained from my money invested in this drinks, I will also share some brand-names with a very simple description of their taste (I’m not an expert, but I hope this can be helpful if you are looking for something more specific).


Fistable, let me tell you that beer in Latin America has replaced many native beverages (like Chicha: corn beer, or Masato: a fermented yucca drink ) they were, and still are enjoyed by our indigenous people in far away communities from our main cities, or only in important religious festivities, due to the complicated process to elaborate these drinks made completely artisanally. Generally, beer prices are very low, but now the Craft-beer movement is not just adding into our list more variants and flavors, also increasing the value of this drink and demand.

Beer is the drink of sincere friendship, with no poise or politically correct speeches, the only behavior code is bringing into the conversation a good topic and good jokes. I had all my beers in Colombia with old and new friends (most of them were complete strangers until we opened the first bottle), that’s the magic of beer. Here I share some of the brands I have tried during my 10 days in this country, and what I think or learned about them:

  • Poker: I had many Poker beers, now well publicized in Colombia has, 4 ° percent od alcohol this pale lager is perfect for refreshing you, has a little sweet end.
  • Aguila: Very light and refreshing, if you like Corona you will definitely like this one, It comes in 3 flavors original, light and zero.
  • BBC: I’ve tried Candelaria option, sweet and bitter at the end.
  • Pilsen: classic pilsener beer, clear and golden with 4 % alcohol.
  • Comunera: the name honors a heroine and valiant woman Manuela Beltran, this craft beer comes in 3 flavors Blond, red and black, I tried the blond (rubian) and found it surprisingly sweet and tasty.
  • Club Colombia: this premium beer considered by many the top brand of this country has been awarded around the world. this lager reminds me a lot a brand of my country called Cusqueña. It comes in 5 different flavors.
  • Costeñita: This pale lager was a surprise because it has the most peculiar presentation of all, it looked more like a soda bottle (I first thought that the waitress made a mistake), a very light and refreshing beer.

Well, now that you know about these beers try one as soon as you get to Colombia. If you are wondering to quench your thirst (as I always say ) give a try to the local options!! you won’t regret it. Colombia is home to great beers, there is always one right for anyone… even for you.

Photo credits: Vanessa Vasquez

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