“Churros” Peruvian style

Craving for sweet? Keep in mind this local dessert : CHURRO !

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I recently knew that most of local people know a different version of churros that the ones that are so popular here, with no stuffing! maybe a bit more simple….to me, the best part of this popular dessert is the cream inside. If you ever come to visit Peru, try one!.

The Peruvian Churros are stuffed with caramel cream, chocolate cream, Nutella or even other flavors, you can find them almost around any corner of Lima and in many other cities in Peru. this a dessert that you can try at any time in the day, no special occasion needed.

Where to try it?

Best place in Lima to try Churros #Manolo Miraflores

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MANOLO (my fav place, location is perfect if your hotel is in Miraflores district or you live nearby)

* Miraflores Central Park (know as Kennedy Park as well) every day after 5 pm to 10 pm

I hope you can give it a try, I’m sure You’ll loooveee it.

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