Churros, the famous dessert with a local twist.

Craving for a sweet while visiting Lima? Keep in mind this local dessert: CHURRO!


I recently learned that most people know only one version of the “Churros” (a famous Latin American sweet pastry), a more simple one that is sweet and crunchy and covered with sugar, like the picture above, but just that. In Lima, we have also another version, even better if that is possible, ours is stuffed with cream inside. You have no idea how good it is, so if you ever come to visit Peru, try one!.


The classical Peruvian Churros are stuffed with caramel cream (dulce de leche), and recently other variants had appeared such Churros with chocolate cream, Nutella or vanilla cream…yum! The best part is that you can find them almost around any corner of Lima especially in Miraflores, and less often in some other cities in Peru. This is a dessert that you can try at any time of the day in winter or summer, no special occasion needed.

Where to try a good churro?

MANOLO One of my favorite places, its location is perfect if you stay in Miraflores district.

* Miraflores Central Park (know as Kennedy Park as well) every day after 5 pm to 10 pm at a stand in the park.

I hope you can give it a try, I’m sure You’ll loooveee it.

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