Chicharron! the best Peruvian sandwich EVER

Since I was little a perfect Sunday brunch includes this succulent meal: Chicharron, consist in a sandwich made of deep-fried pork, onions and boiled sweet potatoes, all of these put between 2 pieces of crunchy bread…. yummy.


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I can’t lie to you, this is NOT the healthiest of our local dishes, (how many healthy dishes can taste this good?) …, therefore my advice is to eat it in moderation, as we locals never do… the servings are usually BIG and you can easily share one with no problems if you don’t have a local appetite.

Yesterday I heard on a local radio station the list of the top 5 pork dishes that Peruvians love, and guess which one won?… yes, you are right!


The first chicharrones were prepared by Chinese immigrants and introduced to our culture since the XIX century. Nobody can deny the importance of multiculturality on a nation such us Peru, our culinary has been affected in the most dramatic and delicious ways. You have to come to try the resulting.

Where to try a juicy and delicious Chicharron in Lima? this is a list of the top places that you should visit the try our favorite local sandwich (click on the name to see locations):

  • Chinito : More than 55 years serving Chicharron, the name means Chinese man in honor to his founder, the best located? they have on by the main square of Lima but my favorite is located in Barranco, Click Here to see location.
  • La Lucha : My favorite is located next to the Kenedy Park in Miraflores, not bookings available, I recommend you to get one and go across to the park, find a seat and enjoy the taste!
  • Kio : I was raised with this chicharron, juicy and tasty, not in a touristic zone of Lima but worth to visit the place and then give a look to a big shopping mall located 2 blocks away and a Zoo located 15 blocks away.
  • Republica : Is located half block away from La Lucha, they have a good variety of sandwiches and juices, and they also offer Salchipapa (this dish will the object of another post) a local classic made of hot dog and french fries.

These are just 4 of the over 500 Chicharronerias that exist in Lima, Try one and let me know what is your opinion about its flavor on the comment lines under this article, or share with us your favorite Chicharroneria. Thanks!

Photo credit: Vanessa Vasquez

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