Changing of Guards Peruvian style

Every day at 12 o clock there is a solemn air blowing on the main square of Lima, at the main patio of our government palace an old martial ceremony takes place, in the same fashion of Buckingham Palace in London, or at the Kremlin in Moscow , the “Cambio de Guardia”is an event that conglomerates many visitors every day of the week, and since 1940 is an attraction to all visitors to the historical centre.

Lima’s Main Square and its Fountain from 1651

I’ve heard that our changing of guards is quite unique, while the guard is marching the band plays “Condor Pasa” most famous Peruvian song ever…

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If you ever come to Lima, try to arrange your tour to get to the main square at noon (Don’t know where it is?, Click Here to see exact location), the show takes about 20 min total, it is a display of good music, elegant marching, and history. And if you are lucky enough you may get to see our president!

Text and photo credits: Vanessa Vasquez

Video credit: Rolando Cotaquispe – Youtube Channel

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