“Cevicherias”, Seafood Restaurants of Peru

If Peruvians are proud of something is of the Peruvian food, Our food is the best of the world AMEN! its what you are going to hear our fellow Peruvians living in many countries saying around the world…

What I’m sure about (after traveling for 11 years throughout my country with hundreds of visitors) is that for sure ours is one of the best cuisines of the world, and I say this only because the world says so. If you are by chance in this country, please, don’t be afraid of trying something Local, ask your guide or host: What is local? what do you like to eat? and try it. If you were to ask me those questions my answer would be one: Cevicherias.

Some Cevicherias even have aΒ sea view.

Cevicherias are basically Seafood restaurants, the specialty of the house is usually Ceviche, so fresh and filling, is the specialty of the coast of Peru, also offered on the highlands but made of trout.

At the local Cevicherias, there are only 2 important things that matter: size and flavor. In the picture a mix of rice with seafood in a greenΒ and red sauce.

Good Cevicherias are always full, no matters the price (there are from market’s ones where 1 dish cost more less 5 dollars, to exclusive Cevicherias where you will expect to pay 15 dollars per dish minimum), so trust me, look first at the amount of people inside, even better if there is a queuing to get in. A TripAdvisor recommendation can be also helpful.

If you are a foodie or an adventurous in terms of food you would like to know what else to try, and at these restaurants the list of options sometimes seems endless, So in this opportunity, I share with my top 5 dishes at Cevicherias:

But as I always say everything depends on taste, so go with a bunch of friends, order all from the carte and chose your favorite, then, come back to this post and share it with us.

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  1. please, share with us your fav Cevicherias or any other peruvian restaurants around the world

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