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Markets are a pleasure for the eyes , Finding ways to enjoy Summer in Lima , Callao, the new artsy district , Hope you enjoy the reading.

If you are in Lima and you call yourself a foodie, you shouldn’t pass the chance of trying one… Locals like me consider this to be a must-try dish and our local pride, and not trying it is like never beeing in Lima…I’m refering to our Ceviche, If you get to try one properly made, prepare to cry (not tears of happiness, criying for the chilli, because there isn’t a hotter thing than a Ceviche made for the delight of locals), always a glass of water, Inka Kola or any drink has to be placed close to you.

The best conpanion to your Ceviche will always be our “Arroz con Mariscos” or rice with seafood.

To be honest not eveybody likes it, but generaly 99% of people finds it delicious, maybe its because its preparetion is not so commonly seen: marinated fish (not raw!) with squeezed on top key lime juice, fresh red onions, sweet potatoes, peruvian corn (kernels of a size of a tooth), banana chips, and of course chili… my mouth is watering just from describing it.

But if you are in Lima and you don’t go to the beach (at list to see it), that is a crime!, a perfect day in the city will include a visit to a “Cevicheria” ( there are 3 types of restaurants most visited by Peruvians :Cevicherias or sea food restaurants,Polleriasrotisserie chicken restaurants, and Chifas or peruvian – chinese restaurants). Put this options on your list of restaurants to try in Peru.


A perfect end of the day at La Punta- Callao

After having a delicious Ceviche , or maybe a Arroz con mariscos (a kind of paella) accompanied with a local beer (try Cusqueña, or my favorite: Tres Cruces) you’ll be more than ready to keep on going. Make sure of taking some pictures of the sunset before you leave! and just breathe deep and enjoy the relaxing sounds of the sea.

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