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One of the things I love about Trujillo City is its weather, this always sunny city located in the north coast of PERU has the happiest climate on the coast, is warm almost all year round and has a beautiful blue sky almost 365 days, maybe that’s why Trujillanos are always happy so friendly..Keep reading.

4 Zen Activities You Can Do In Lima City

Do you need a Zen Boost in Lima? This is our list of calming activities in the city 1.- A walk by the ocean Is not a surprise that a walk by the sea is energetic, we have a long seashore in the city and most of it has really great beaches for some relaxation….

Made in Peru: Maras Pink Salt

     Have you heard about Maras Pink salt? This is one of the top Peruvian products for exportation, this rich-in-minerals salt is extracted from Cusco, Urubamba-Maras since pre-Inca times, for locals consumption and has multiple health benefits. Rich in calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc, still is naturally extracted by hand.   This is now…

Lima Bites Tour

Try the best local food of Lima in 5 hours Are you seeking for the extraordinary local food of Lima?this is not just another culinary tour of the city, ours is the ultimate tour for foodies and food-curious enthusiasts. We have packed for you all the bestseller meals the locals love in a 4 hours…

Lima Craft Beer Tour

Try the best local craft beer in 5 hours Are you a fan of craft beer? if your answer is Yes this is the tour for you! we will try beers in 3 different micro-breweries and their best-sellers in the shape shot glasses and also eating some local appetizers. This tour will end in the…

Travel Tips to visit Machu Picchu

     On your way to Machu Picchu? Once at the entrance of the “World’s wonder” is important to check out first to following tips for a successful visit: Before visiting the site you will need to remember that your ticket is valid for 1 time (it used to be 3 visits within a day,…