Cavalli, the restaurant that goes above and beyond

Not the average restaurant, Cavalli goes for sure beyond expectations, the great ambiance, very sophisticated, elegant but still cozy and friendly, is the perfect place to treat yourself with a delicious meal or to start your night with a delicious cocktail


A Merry Christmas in Lima – Peru

The Joyful Christmas season is considered around the world one of the most espected celebrations of the year, and in Peru (an 80% catholic country by latest census) is celebrated from the most humble house to the mansion of the richest family, as usual. In Lima, capital of Peru and the city where I live,…

Changing of Guards Peruvian style

Every day at 12 o clock there is a solemn air blowing on the main square of Lima, at the main patio of our government palace an old martial ceremony takes place, in the same fashion of Buckingham Palace in London, or at the Kremlin in Moscow , the “Cambio de Guardia” is an event […]

A sunset to remember, Lima’s most iconic moment

A few days ago, in one of those strange winter afternoons when we can witness the miracle of a sunset in a city of gray sky, mother nature gave me this present, and remind me the beauty of living by the sea. One of the most beautiful sunsets you can ever see happens in Lima, no doubts…

Learn to cook like the locals, cooking lessons in Lima

Peruvian food is famous, this you know well, so why not to learn to cook like the locals? You can for sure learn the local tips to make a good Pisco Sour, or a ceviche that tastes like heaven. So, to be put in the right hands you need to visit : La Sirena restaurant…