DOMOS BoulevART and my experience in this place. Lima

DOMOS BOULEVART is this new site located on an open-air zone, in the beachfront of San Miguel district, the place is a new proposal of art, food, and entertainment all in one place, and with the wonderful location and the promised of food…I had to try it for you all. this was the resulting of my…


EKEKO, the Genie of good luck

Who has never seen an Ekeko placed in a house or at an establishment before?… If your answer is No, I haven’t is definitely because you are neither Peruvian or Bolivian… wondering what this figurine is about?

The bulls of Pucara (Puno-Peru)

Pucara is a town located at about 3900 m.a.s.l., almost 2 hours from Puno and 6 hours from Cusco. The local tradition is the production of ceramics that have the shape of “Toritos” or little bulls, and the artisans of this town make them in all different sizes and colors. These bulls are put on the rooftop of the local houses…