Callao, the newest artsy district

Let’s face it, when Limenians think in Callao, 90% of us don’t necessarily associate this old district with a touristic attraction, the reason? Some old prejudices about this area. In today’s post, I want to debunk some myths and share some info and tips about β€œthe other” Callao, the one most people don’t know and that needs to be promoted.


From a dangerous red zone to a place were neighbours, tired of violence and crime on the streets of the colonial port in the 90’s and early 2000’s decided to stand up and rescue together their patrimony while protecting at the same time their children present to give them the chance to have a better future, free of drugs and the influence of gangs from the past.

The shoes hanging from cables that you see in Latin America and parts of North America, mean that the zone around is connected to drug vending and dealers, for this are is a reminder of past times and the history of this place, a past that we hope will never come back.

Thanks to their hard work and the help of some private institutions this place is now becoming the newest corner for art lovers and Bohemians, even being remained as Callao Monumental. Now, the main port of the country opens its doors to the world and fights to gain back a place in the list of the top attractions of Peru.

Coffee shops, japanese food, vegetarian pizza, all combined with art galleries and murals painted by famous Peruvian urban artist, you can as well (if you are lucky enough) meet the artists during their creative process and maybe exchange some words with them.


You can combine a cultural tour with a visit to a traditional nail local coffee shop such as Rovira originally owned by an Italian immigrant, one of the many who found in Callao their new home in this part of the world. Try the coffee of the house and the specially : Pan con Pejerrey (sandwich of kingfish)… Delish.

Now Callao is transforming into its best version and gaining back the beauty of its old days, being now a perfect balance between its glorious past, with houses decorated in the classic styles of the 19th and early 20th century; and its promising future… come and be witness of this transformation. Don’t forget to put it on your bucket list !

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