Buganvilias, Lima’s favourite flower


These flowers are decorating almost every corner of Lima, from the most modest zones of this city, until the exclusive parks in residential districts such as Miraflores or San Isidro. Lima loves this flower.

I remember seeing Buganvilias every morning on my way to school, for 11 years I saw the same flowers, those trees still there. the Buganvilias (or Bouganvillias) grow up to 2 meters and sometimes can climb up to walls 4 to 5 meters tall.

Larco Museum’s garden

These native plants from South America (you can find them in Argentina, Brazil, Equador, Peru)  have a strong presence in Lima city. Here, in the second biggest city in the world built on a dessert, we have 4 colors of Buganvilia flowers that you can see everywhere:  Fuchsia is the most common, followed by the orange, red and a less seen light lilac (papelillo). If you want to learn more about this plant click Here.

Peruvian Orchid, Larco

One of the best places to see these flowers is at the Larco Museum of Lima, it´s garden also has other species of flowers and cactuses, after visiting the exhibit you can’t miss the restaurant located by the garden. If you are looking for more info about this place check out my post: Larco Museum.

If you are a big fan of mother nature’s creations don’t leave your camera in your hotel room during your stay in Lima just because is a big, modern city, a surprise may be waiting for you around the corner.


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