Book of the week: The fascinating Life of Saint Martin of Porres

Original title: La Fascinante Vida de San Martin de Porres

Author: Neri Romero de Pacchioni

Language: Spanish (intermediate level)

Book comment:

One of the most famous popular personalities of Peru, the first color saint of America was born in Lima – Peru on ……. his life was full of stories and miracles, full of service and unconditional love for others. That is a short description of my favorite Peruvian Saint: San Martin de Porres. A friend of rich and poor had as friends other saints of his time: Saint Rose of Lima (first female saint of America) and Saint Francis Solano, and was baptized by Saint Toribio de Mogrovejo… quite a man VIP list of friends.


His life had plentyΒ stories, he lived discrimination for beeing a “Mulato” but that didn’t take out his smile. Loved by all that knew him, was seen performing miracles in multiples occasions, some of them were:

  • Levitation
  • Bilocation
  • Crossing walls and doors without opening them
  • Prediction and premonition
  • Healing hands (power of curing imposition of his hands) and much more.

When he died (he was 67 years old) many already considered him a saint… but it took him a while to get the consent of the Vatican (maybe for his condition of mulato?) Until …. his body rests in the church of Saint Dominic of Lima

Great book and highly recommendable! you can find it in the original language (Spanish) at the gift shop of Casa Museo de San Martin de Porres (click Here for location) or you can buy online any other version of his fascinating life.

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