The Hidden Gem: Bisetti , best Coffee Shop in Barranco

If you want to get a memorable coffee while visiting Lima don’t forget to come to Barranco’s most iconic Cafeteria “Tostaduria Bisetti”, a classical shop with an unforgettable coffee.

Bisetti is right in the center of Barranco, near the City Hall and almost next to a Starbucks

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Only half a block away from a Starbucks, near the central park of Barranco and in the middle of the historical center of this district, occupies a XIX century house, with a classical porch entrance that gives to all Barranquino houses a ranch look.

Detail inside the house. Glass roof

Houses from this period are all wide, with big windows and high roofs, well ventilated. these houses were planned to be the perfect summer houses. due to the status of Barranco as a summer retreat for rich families, some of this homes were really over the top in style and decoration, was not unusual for their wealthy owners to order art pieces such as paintings, stained glass, marble statues, and fine fabrics from Europe. those pieces still part of some of those houses turned now into restaurants, bars and coffee shops, one of those is Bisetti.

Bisetti has a Lab where they test coffee beans before coming out to the public

Since you cross its doors the strong aroma of Peruvian coffee beans perfumed every corner of the house. The vintage ambiance makes of this place a nice, casual space where you can chill down with friends or alone. the cart if long and you can ask for recommendations directly to the waiters or even the barista, they all speak English.

Barista in action

If you are here during daylight go across the restaurant directly to their little garden (they even have a coffee plant there) my favorite table is there right under the tree, this private place is a great location to engage with a conversation or to read a book while sipping your coffee. while feeling the vibe of this bohemian district.

Coffee in plant
The art of decorating a cup of coffee

Wanna learn more about Tostaduria Bisetti? by clicking Here you can visit their website, reading Spanish skills will be necessary.

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