Introducing: Birdwatching in Lima, The newest hotspot for birders in Peru

Few people know that Lima is a great city to practice birding (also known as birdwatching), and the surprise is understandable , Lima, usually associated with the image of a busy concrete jungle, a city with more desserts than parks, and therefore, too arid to hold any fauna or flora in comparison to the jungle or highlands regions of this country. But let me tell you, dear readers, this is one of the hugest misconceptions about this city, and in today’s post, I will introduce Lima as a hotspot for observation of birds, the only type of fauna that has resisted to leave this area and therefore has adapted to the craziness of this gigantic capital with over 10 million people. In this article, I will give you a short birding intro with observation spots in and near Lima, and other useful info for the new and the trained in this art of birdwatching.

Vermilion Flycatcher, male and female

American Kestrel

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As a newbie myself in this pastime, the first thing I tried to do was getting the best advice possible to clear up all my doubts (how to do it? where? when? what kind of equipment? etc.) I got the opportunity to meet in this process the people of YHBirds, Yury Herrera, and his team were amazing, they guided me into this new hobby with kindes and patience. They are true bird lovers!. They organize regular excursions and private tours in Lima, and as the excellent professionals, they are come highly recommended. Get to them directly with this email:

Black vultures
Shiny Cowbird

Next part was knowing and learning about the species of birds that I could spot in Lima (what to expect is a very important part of this hobby) especially in a city that is after Cairo the biggest in the world built on a dessert, but with a plus, due to its strategic location next to the ocean, near the foothills of the Andes and close to marshlands this is a paradise for birds and birders ! Seabirds, wetland birds and more can be seen in this jungle of concrete.

After knowing what kind of birds I could see, the next obvious step was to identify the spots to see them, here my list of sites within and near Lima city:

  • La Punta – La Arenilla beach: Seabirds and related to them
  • Olivar San Isidro (Olive Grove): Doves, flycatchers, sparrows, seedeaters, falcons, hummingbirds and more
  • Park Ramon Castilla: doves, flycatchers, sparrows, seedeaters, falcons, hummingbirds and more.
  • Pantanos de Villa (wetlands of Villa): Seabirds. vultures and more.

Amazilia Hummingbird


One last advice, get a good birds guide, the best seller (also considered the bible for birdwatchers)  is BIRDS OF PERU, the most complete and biggest available in the market. You can get it even through

So, if you are a bird lover, I hope you got enough reasons to take your binoculars and camera and run in direction of this city, Lima and its birds are waiting for you.

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