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It is true that churros are popular everywhere in Lima (don’t know yet what is a CHURRO? click here to read more about it), but if you just have one chance to try it, do it the right way and come to Manolo, they are specialized in churros and monster sandwiches (they are really big, trust me).

We also have the churros without stuffing, those we dip in a mug of hot chocolate.

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This place is located in the most accessible part of Miraflores (Larco Ave.) they are an institution in churros stuffed with dulce de leche, chocolate, vanilla cream, and Nutella, and also the churros without stuffing that come with a cup of hot chocolate to use a dipping. Travel tip: they have a special line and cashier just for selling churros right at the entrance of the store, that is in case you go on a hurry but you still want to try one.

These churros passed the quality test.


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