Bembos, the Peruvian McDonald’s

If you like fast food but you want to try something new and fun, Bembos is a great option. It has a great variety of burgers with typical Peruvian ingredients and a local twist, and of course the classic and well known American style hamburger for the most conservative of flavor.

Since 1988 this Peruvian company decides to make accessible to the local costumers an American classic but knowing too well the love of Peruvians for our traditional cuisine they used fusion as a recipe for success.

Now, after many decades and generations of devoted fans of the tradition Bembos, they have a well-stablished market and keep in the search for more flavors and original presentations (you can get a sachet of hot chili paste with other creams as mayonnaise or ketchup), always offering high quality and great local size servings!

My top 3 choices:

  • Huachana
  • La Churrita
  • A Lo Pobre

Do you want to see them all, Click Here and practice your Spanish!

There are many stores in Lima and other cities of Peru, click Here to see the closest one to you (and practice a bit more of Spanish).

So, no more excuses, if you see a Bembos on your way don’t be shy at allow yourself to get a local treat.

Photo Credits and text: Vanessa Vasquez

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  1. I want to go to Bembos. Why did you not show me this place before?

    1. This is top on my list of to-dos for your next visit to Peru… after guinea pig of course!!

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