Beautiful Santiago,snow mountains and tall buildings

One of my favourite cities is definitely Santiago de Chile, if you haven’t been there yet I must advice the watch your neck, after looking up to try to see the top of all those masive buildings you will get a massive neck-ache!, so beautiful, the color of the greay buldings so sober, contrasting with the lila of the jacarandas… and the subway is another highlight, in Lima we dont have subways…too many hearthquakes we say, in Santiago in the number 1 way of transport, without it Santiaguinos can’t move, can’t live.

Santiago feels like europe, there is a river an a market that you should visit (a great surprise was the prices for food at the market were HUGE! so expesive…in the contrary here in Peru prices are low at the markets…but everybody knows that the best flavor is AT THE MARKET, so don’t try to save money in Chile, go for the best and enjoy). there are graphitties and bikelines, there are tours of the city starting on the Main Square and fantastic museums around. Culture everywhere.

This really short article is not pretending to do any justice to a city as vibrant as Santiago, but is an invitation to don’t pass the chance is dedicating at least 1 day to get envolved by its magic!, happy adventures to you all!

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