Barranco’s Bridge of Sighs

The “Puente de los suspiros” is a tourist and romantic spot in the Barranco district, Lima’s favorite 19th-century beach resort. This historic bridge is so popular that many couples have started their love story by visiting it. There are many reasons why the Bridge of Sighs is the favorite of lovers, and we will find out those reasons in this post.

A little bit of history:

During pre-hispanic times the zone where our bridge is located was close to an ancient stone idol called Astovilca, a long-gone gigantic stone that was located on Barranco’s beach. 

The Bridge of Sighs is part of the history of Lima. It was built in the last third of the 19th century under the need to unite the two ends of the pathway to the beach that interrupted the way to the Church “Ermita” built in the mid-XVIII century. Predicting its romantic future, The bridge was inaugurated on February 14. 1876.

During the War with Chile (Pacific war, 1879-1884)  and as a result of the catastrophic campaign of  Lima by Chilean troops that were on their way to downtown Lima, The structure of the bridge was damaged, so the bridge we see now is not the original. This bridge, which initially had a functional purpose, adopted its famous name due to the attraction it generated for couples in love.

Over time, it became so popular that not only lovers but also artists have used it as a source of inspiration. Probably the most famous song inspired by the bridge “El Puente de los Suspiros” was composed by Chabuca Granda, a woman who love Barranco as a second home and became a symbol of Peruvian “criolla “ music.

The bridge was a meeting point for lovers, one story says that young and forbidden couples of Barranco meet at the bridge, standing on different ends of this one to avoid rumors, looking at each other’s and exchanging romantic sights that were perceived by couples walking the bridge.

Bridge of Sighs: legends

The Bridge of Sighs is not only beautiful for its design, but for its most famous legend that locals had made popular attracting couples in love to the Bridge and newlyweds all the time. it is said that if we cross holding our breath and holding hands with the person we love, you will be forever together, and if you come alone and cross the bird with faith, the wish of love that is requested will be fulfilled. That is the reason why so many limenians propose in this bridge or make their bridal pictures here. 

A path that connects with “Bajada de Baños”

After visiting the bridge, you can continue along the path known as the Bajada de Baños to access the beaches of Barranco. The illumination in the Costa Verde at night is perfect for romantic walks under the stars with the sounds of the ocean. The Bajada de Baños is an old path that the fishermen of this area used to go down to fish, and today stills in use by surfers, street vendors, and anyone who wants to enjoy a good swim in the cold Pacific water.

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