Barranco, the bohemian district of Lima

My beloved Barranco, many posts had been dedicated to this place in this travel site, one of the reasons is my frustrated dream of living there (Im also very much attached to my childhood district San Miguel, where everybody I know since a little girl live) and also because of the good vibe in here.

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Bohemian, historical, artistic, foody corner of Lima, is close to the beach and a naturally romantic place, still has cheap accommodations for tourists (basically backpackers and low budget travelers) till boutique hotels… love, love, love it.

Parks are breath taking and really inspiring, especially if you are looking for a quiet site to clear out your mind.

Art galleries are everywhere, my favorite is Vernacula for clothes and Dedalo for art and jewelry

Not a single visit to here can finish without eating, mi favorite places are : La bodega verde, Expreso de Guadalupe and Isolina, there are many more good ones so the list cam be quite long, just come and explore yourself this fantastic part of Lima and tell me what your favorite places were. Enjoy!

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