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Last Saturday I was alone with the girls (age 3 and 8), and suddenly came the desire to do something different to the usual, so I thought in putting under test the famous Barranco district, a trendy site of this huge capital city, a corner for bohemians and hipsters, the ideal place for art lovers, and now, a child-friendly zone after my latest incursion. In this post, I share what I’ve learned from my experience.

Famous Bridge of Sighs

Barranco is a district with a rich history, where art is everywhere. Unfortunately we all know that children don’t pay too much attention neither one or the other, but the parks in the district are worth visiting with them, the historical area of the district is safe, quiet and has many and beautiful parks, you can start a walking tour with them at the store DEDALO (click Here for exact location), get the first ice cream of the tour on the stand at the entrance called BLU, and then visit the store, inside there is a coffee shop where you can get cookies for your group or a refreshment.

Comming to this district gives you a great excuse to learn about different flowers and birds

Next the actual walking part. This district, with its many parks and sea view, is fantastic for a nice walk with the family, the architecture is awesome, you can play with your kids guessing about the names of the styles of the houses (Tudor, French, Japanese…) make sure that the walk takes you in direction to the Bridge of Sighs  (map Here) located close to the cliff and to a path way that leads you down to the beach. Here you have the option of walking down to find a good place to eat (you can even go to the beach with your children, or go to a restaurant located on the beach, try Rustica located right exiting the pathway).

My choice was to continue in the district, and after the pictures, we went for our second ice cream stop, this time at Crem de la Crem, if you click on the name you will get a complete list of flavors, my recommendation is to try here the flavors of the Peruvian fruits, our favorite is LUCUMA with chocolate.

On weekends in the Central Park of the district, are displayed different kinds activities for the public. If you are with children you can give them a moment of healthy entertainment painting images of famous cartoons with temperas or color paintings for a low cost, 5 soles of less than 2 dollars. they will have fun and make new friends at the end of the day

Have they seen a railroad car before? there is a chance to see one 1 block away from this point, the car is just a museum piece and is great for a family picture, there are more art shops around if you still have the energy to do so, or a great pizza place and vegetarian food restaurant located at a RAILROAD CAR! the name of this place is Virgen de Guadalupe and you can see its location clicking Here.

Another stop is at the Bodega Verde in Barranco, smoothies that taste like heaven!

Finally, on the way back and before leaving the district and if you having been convinced by the restaurants that you have seen, you can grab a sandwich and a fresh juice at the Bodega Verde (location Here) I’m sure this will be a great boost for your way back home.

Our overall experience? fantastic! the girls were happy and excited to do this much in one afternoon, and they slept like babies on the way back home. I’m sure you and your little ones will love Barranco at the end of your visit.

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