Banana chips, a local addiction

18698071_10154891910823192_6322138167157339472_nWe call it CHIFLES, fried plantain that is served with any seafood options, specially Ceviche. the way we eat it is eating it as chips or deepening it in hot chili paste, this is a great companion to Rice with seafood (Peruvian paella) and Jaela of Seafood (jalea de mariscos). Chifles combined well with a beer, here some of my favorite brands:

  • 13450251_10153920569058192_3565294736467680982_nCusqueña: Dorada or Red Lager
  • Tres Cruces
  • Barbarian: Lima pale ale
  • Hop’s: Viena

Where to buy it?:

Pretty much anywhere, if you are in Miraflores or any other district of Lima you can get them at the food stores, street stands, and supermarkets. If you are at a seafood restaurant most probably you will be given a small bowl of Chifles before you ask them, that is included on the bill.

Photo credits: Vanessa Vasquez

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