Artesano Bar: Beers, Cocktails, Stand Up comedy and more.

Last night I was invited to visit this new place in Miraflores called Artesano Bar.Β Located in the very heart of the district (one block away from Kennedy Park), it is basically in the center of the most trendy zone of Lima, by then I had no idea this will ends up being the discovery of the week.

Address: Calle Cantuarias 175, Miraflores

The bar is located in a classic 1940s house of Miraflores. Since my arrival, I was quite impressed by the fact that all the tables were full, quite surprising just because it was Thursday night and in a really busy working season, wow… I took this as a good sign of course.

People waiting for their turn at the stage

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The first thing that trapped my attention was a big group of people waiting to take the stage, they were stand-up comedians, some were professional, but most of them were there just for fun. Stand-Up comedy (here also called Open Mike) is something well established in Lima since long, and very requested as a Friday or Saturday-night entertainment before clubbing, at Artesano you can see the show just by ordering something to drink or eat, no admission fee requested, that’s why this place is so popular.

candle light and comedy

And talking about the drinks, their bar offers a good variety of them, their cocktails are made most of them from Pisco (our local brandy), local herbs and flavored with local fruits, a completely local experience. Honestly, the drinks were good, and the servings generous. They also have artisanal beers and good food.

This place has 2 areas, the stage zone with many tables, this is the part of the house with a stage, and offers stand-up comedy show every Thursday and Saturday starting at 8 pm, and a more private zone were the bartenders are serving the drinks, you can seat by the bar, or in the tables there, and enjoy a more quiet ambience perfect for a conversation, or you can watch sports on a TV above the bar. Check out their info by clicking HERE, or look for them in their official Facebook account @artesanobar.

the bar and the second room

Good company, exotic cocktails, and laughter… this is all you need after a long working day, do something different with your group of friends, or just to break down the routine of a regular Thursday in Lima.

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