Anticuchos, our afro-peruvian heritage

From our African ancestry, we learned to eat heart, liver, tongue, and pretty much anything inside the animals, we also learned about how to add flavor to them and the perfect technique to cook it… one of our most celebrated Peruvian dishes has African flavor and it’s called ANTICHUCHO. We call our mixed Spanish-African cuisine: Criolla or creole food.

Antichucho is beef-hearth cut and marinated in local spices, inserted on a stick and cooked over the fire on a grill, is served with boiled corn and potatoes, the resulting has so much flavor and color, a pleasure for eyes and mouth.

Some of the most requested dishes at an Anticucheria

The Anticucherias are the restaurants specialized in dishes of African-Peruvian heritage, some of the most requested dishes: Rachi, Choncholi and Pancita.

Where to try it?:

Tio Mario: Barranco district, great location next to the most romantic spot of Lima.

Puro Corazon: San Miguel district, located in the heart of this old district is just 1 block away from the cliffs and a spectacular view.

Panchita: The best located if you are staying at Miraflores. it is not gourmet but could be considered the highest-end one in this list.

Grimanesa: The most famous from this list, this lady started her business over 30 years ago on a Carretilla (street stand) and became so popular that now she has a small restaurant, but they continue offering the same delicious taste with a low cost. Her secret is using her special homemade sauce. Queuing for one of her Anticuchos is the most normal thing.

Do you want to give a closer look to our Anticuchos, check out this video:

Do you need more reasons to try one? put this dish on your Peru’s bucket list and go for it now!!!

Photo and Video Credits: Vanessa Vasquez

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