An imaginary trip back to Lima 600 years ago

Year 1400 A.C. approx. Lima city.

5 pyramids race towards the sun in the middle of the valley of Rimac (now called Lima city), all built on mud and painted predominantly in Yellow color, they looked colorful and strange hills to newcomers, so perfectly shaped as step pyramids, the highest of them reached probably 20 meters, these colossuses of their time were seen from kilometers away and seem to be the work of Gods.

Their builders were the proud Yschmas (culture name: Yschma, location: Lima – Peru, from 1100 A.C. to 1440 A.C.) accurate climate predictors of the coast, most of what they knew came from the ancient knowledge of local ancestors, passed from generation to generation. they worshiped the most obvious elements of nature that could amaze them: the highest and most beautiful mountain of the valley called by the Spaniards Saint Gerome (San Jeronimo) and the big island in front of the San Lorenzo, only landmark of the existence of an ancient mountain range in front of the Pacific coast.

The high priests lived on top the pyramids, involved with a halo of mystery and an air of importance, protected by big solid walls that surrounded and at the same time protected the importance of this space, they stared at the commoners from the top of these temples, they saw them working the land, fixing and enlarging water channels, loving their mates and having children, and living a simple and normal life with a kind of freedom that they will never be given, a freedom neglected to them forever since they birth date… after all, they where not just divided by the distance, also by the status and birth range, most of them chosen since before they exist. These high status men (and possibly some choosen women, too) live here engaged not only with a public life , also dealed with a 24/7 life of commintment with their gifts, constant taking of descitions, innumerable meetings with emisaires from distant lands, the everyday ceremony of looking good, putting on amazing facial paintings that matched with the fantastic images of their gods painted on frescos on the temples walls, heavy jewelry that consisted in crowns, earings , noserings, and colourful clothes; an every-day ceremony just to get ready to face the world in the skin of a demi-God. Hallucinogenic plants were brought to them constantly to see beyond what bare eyes can see, and therefore be our layers before the almighty Gods, all of them with very complex personalities and most of the time moody and unpredictable, as the climate in this part of the planet.

When Gods were difficult to persuade, human sacrifices were the last resource, women and children sacrifices were especially favored by the supreme Gods, the life of 1 en exchange of the life of many was still a high Price, but this was the only consolation given to the chosen one’s relatives by the high priest. The most special sacrifices were of babies (stillborn or newborn) that were given with deep sadness after in most of the cases, their natural passing, by their mothers. for sure this made of their short existences something meaningful, and gave their relative the opportunitie of buried them in the most sacred spots of the temple.

The almighty Yschma leaders had no idea that soon all this calmness and supreme power was to come to an end with the arrival of a stronger force to the valley from the very Andes range, the Incas (XV century of our era) were about to conquest this territory and pretty much change everything in the known world of this part of South America.

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