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A Peruvian tour guide, writing in english language about her adventures throughout South America, trying local foods, culture, traditions, and sharing with the world the uniqueness, and magic of this land of beauties. Let the adventures begin!

Adventurous Travel Guide is a site of consultation, a place where you can get a second opinion about anything new, strange or different that you have heard about but no one dares to explain, try or talk about … this is The Other Guide to South America.

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Vanessa Vasquez is an Official Tour Guide, with 11 years of experience in the guiding field and trip leading of groups in her country Peru and other marvelous places in South America, with husband Marek Zakrzewski, a Polish-Peruvian trip leader and guide plus archaeologist, travel around this amazing continent to share our culture with the entire world, together share constantly first-hand info and opinions about new destinations in this part of the world.

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