About the casual food and drinking culture in Bogota – Colombia

Colombians are great people to hang out with, they are great storytellers and always know how to have fun. The nightlife in the capital city is well known to be pretty wild. There is an area of Bogota called Zona Rosa (pink zone) where nightclubs, bars, and restaurants are displayed for anyone in search of Local interaction, this area is located Here.

In terms of casual food with friends, most of the Bogotanos consider burgers the best choice. The 2 most famous burger restaurants I have tried are Presto and El Corral.

In both cases the taste is good, the highlight to me was the Tabasco and barbecue sauce served on the table, given next to the mayonnaise in little plastic bowls. Burgers have a local taste indeed.

Once you are ordering a burger, the best companion is a refreshing soda, if you are looking for one try the local options (leave Coca-cola for another occasion), my favorite was Colombiana, I can’t compare it to any other soda I had ever had, unique taste, sweet and refreshing.img_0918-1

Another highlight is the ice-creams of many flavors, a must try is the Juan Valdez coffee flavor.

Street food is also awesome, the Mazorcas Cocidas (boiled corn), the Arepas (a salty pastry that you can find anywhere) and other local delicacies are easily found on the busy streets of this city for a low cost.

Another highlight of the local culture is the drinking preferences. Young and older people are fans of the local brands, this gives them a sense of local pride which I deeply admire. Personally, I had the good luck of getting the best ambassadors of all Bogota (Caro and Ricardo, thanks a lot!). This is what I’ve learned from them: Poker (a local beer) is a local classic, has a strong taste and great body, a classic lager. Other classic of Colombia is Aguila, is light and fantastic the refresh you after a long day of tours in the city. This beer sponsor many national soccer teams, therefore is the most famous of Colombia. By the way, in Colombia, a Beer is colloquially called POLA.

Nectar (distilled liquor) is a strong Aguardiente or Brandy to drink alone, and should never be mixed (for any reason) with a Peruvian Pisco Sour, this I can say from my own experience. Finally, another good one and local only to this country is the Refajo, a mix of beer and Colombiana soda, very refreshing.

IMG_3944Another famous drink that you should get at night time on the streets of cold Bogotana night is Canelazo, consist in a brandy of sugar cane mixed with a boiling of fruits and cinnamon, very similar to Calientito in Peru, that is the best remedy for a cold night or a  melancholic heart.

This one thing I’ve learned from my trips, the best way to get to know the heart of a country is through its food, don’t lose the chance to give a taste if the true heart of Bogota.


Photo Credits: Vanessa Vasquez

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