A visit to the cold Humboldt current from Lima’s shore

There is a famous saying in Spanish “En el mar la vida es más sabrosa” in the sea life is tasty, or better… anyways, life is definitely good when you are near the ocean, don’t you think?.

LPG Tanker Humboldt, now retired it used to sail to Antártica

Last weekend we went to explore our own city (we love to get surprised by Lima every time we have some spare time) and we decided to take a short excursion on a boat along the coast of La Punta, a northwest district famous for its pointy shape.

We took this boat with plenty of locals excited to have a ride and to get some fresh air in this hot summer.

There were some things that were quite interesting, and actually, talking about Humboldt, the most important part of the excursion was seeing the LPG Tanker HUMBOLDT , a vessel built in 1978, was the official ship used by the Peruvian Scientific expeditions to Antártica, now on perpetual retirement, it’s solemnity made me felt sad, as retirement comes for humans and for machines as well.

A flock of jellyfish that surprised the fellow visitors, I was amazed at their big size and its number. I knew that our sea is rich in sea life, but didn’t expect these creatures that look to me like ghosts of the sea.

And then seeing la Punta district, people swimming and having fun, fishing, playing and relaxing at the beach, it really was a great experience.

Our fellow Neotropic cormorants having a rest of their activities

These tours are offered every day at the plaza Grau in Callao located close to the fortress Real Felipe. The tours are led by Spanish speaking guides generally, but you can contact us for an English speaking tour.

Do you like boat tours? What is your favorite excursion of this kind? Let me know in the comments below.

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