A visit to the chinese oracle in Lima

More than just another exotic site, going to this place was an adventure, I did not expect that my curiosity will ever take me to the Chinese oracle in Lima, I actually never imagined we had one here.

Gated Entrance to the Chinese Oracle, temple Kuan Kung


Peru has a majority of Catholics, approximately 80% out of the 31 million Peruvians attend church in Catholic holidays, receive the holy sacraments, and behave, or at least try to, as good Christians.

the old building with a narrow corridor

There are minorities of course. Peru is a multicultural country, from Christian evangelicals to Harikrishna, passing through a big variety of other religions and sects.

Walking up stairs we when from Peru directly to China


Some time ago I joined a tour to explore the footsteps of the Chinese community in Lima’s history, Peruvian-Chinese descendants are counted about 3 million! The food of the first immigrants that arrived in the mid-XIX century mixed with the local food producing, for example, one of our most beloved dishes: Lomo Saltado (stir-fried chopped pieces of beef with tomatoes, red onions, chilies, all served with fries and white rice) Yummmm.

Entrance to the Oracle and Chinese temple

We were taken to the Chinatown in the central market of Lima and to try some Chinese-Peruvian bites, but, what came after was beyond my expectations. The walking tour took us to one of the most dangerous parts of the old town … seriously, one of those places were shoes are hanging from cables on the streets. So, from the first sight, it seemed like nothing could be there, what a surprise when we reached the number 962 of Huanta Street, in front of me an old and dark Quinta (a building with a narrow central corridor of common use for all the residents where the doors to their houses are located), at the end of the corridor a gate and stairs going to the rooftop where I discover China in Lima.


Decoration detail

The decoration was marvelous, we had the chance of seeing the dance of the Chinese lions, people in prayers, most of them Chinese of first and second generation speaking in their language. They were gathering together, keeping their traditions, food, language intact even thou there were hundreds of kilometers away from their beloved ones, for this moment they were back home.

And finally, the oracle was there. The big crowd and waiting list made impossible for me to consult it, but just seeing the ceremony, and being part of that paid the visit.



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