A very local breakfast


Every morning in every corner of  Cusco little stands decorated with small glass showcases and chairs, working as improvised restaurants were the specialty is breakfast, are visited by hundreds of hungry locals usually late for work but never too late to eat.

The local breakfast consists of an “energetical drink” made out of the super famous QUINUA or quinoa, this punch includes cinnamon, cloves, fruits such as apple or pineapple, and a dash of milk if you want.

The best companion is one (two or three) artisanal bread, stuffed with cheese serrano, other option could be a “torreja” an omelet of vegetables.

The drink is soft and filling, very tasty. You can also make it at home if you find quinoa in your supermarket. Wanna try it? Click Here for the recipe.

Great source of morning energy and a good way to support the local economy.

Photo credits and text: Vanessa Vasquez

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