A Very Different Restaurant – Vegetarian Opcion in Lima

One of the hardest things to get in Lima still are good vegetarian restaurants, our passion for beef, pork, chicken and pf course fish has blinded many to imagine life without meet… in a blessed land such as Peru (cradle of the potatoes, and land of superfoods such us Quinoa , maca, kiwicha and so on) no meet shouldn’t represent a threaten for any one, in fact, there are no excuses in this country to cook healthy and live healthy.

Going back to the restaurant issue, I want to share with you all my favorite one, is located inside an old train carriage (is small, intimate and very romantic) and in the best location: Barranco, the bohemian district of Lima.

My girls (age 9 and 4) actually like the place, it looks so strange and unique to them, but the food is the best part. They offer an every day buffet at lunch, good variety of salads and stews plus rices and pasta, desert is also included.

This is the info of the restaurant:

Rest. Expreso de Guadalupe

Address: next to the city hall of Barranco – Lima, PerΓΊ

Opening hours: lunch and dinner, from 12:30 until midnight

Great for small groups

Price is about 10 Us dollars per person. I can’t recommend highly enough this place, this is a small family business that is trying to di this right, in service quality and being animal friendly. Is the full package!

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