A Sweet Sin named “Picarones”, the Peruvian Donuts

Every night in Lima, after 6 pm, will appear little rolling stands, pulled by men or women, after catching their breath back they will start the fire of their kichen, put a pan filled with oil…and minutes later the magic starts…

Known by tourists as Peruvian donuts, the picarones had existed since the colonial era (this is a mix of spanish-morish preparación and native south american ingredients) the recipe stills the same for more that 300 years.

Made by hand, the ring shape is made in few seconds with the cooks fingers, is quite a show to see them doing it.

You can see how skillful this Picarones cook masters are with their hands, what a talent!, the typical donut (ring) shape is made by hand, in less that 3 seconds, right above a boiling pan with hot oil. The secret of their succes are in the ingredients : made of pumpking and sweet potatoe flour, mix with wáter, then Deep fried, served hot and cover with algarrobina syrup (quite like maple syrup) a delitious melaza. The secret is to use your fingers to eat it, then dip well the donut in the melaza to absorbe its flavour, and then voila!!

Yes, this is the answer to your prayers.

My recommendation is to try it at the central park of Miraflores, ore ven better, at Barranco’s Park of poets located next to the famous “ sighs bridge” (both zones have Street food vendors regulated by their City Halls , which ensures a good quality of service) , take a momento to see how they make the beautiful rings, then go to seat on a bench , even better is you are in good Company, and just enjoy the flavour and a good conversation, Few pleasures of life can compare to this.

Buen provecho! Bon appetite!

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