A sunset to remember, Lima’s most iconic moment

A few days ago, in one of those strange winter afternoons when we can witness the miracle of a sunset in a city of gray sky, mother nature gave me this present, and remind me the beauty of living by the sea.


One of the most beautiful sunsets you can ever see happens in Lima, no doubts on it… in the picture the islands San Lorenzo and the Fronton, deities to the ancient inhabitants of Lima, home to a prison until 80 ‘ s and home for seabirds and sea lions since always. The tide is high, not a problem for expert surfers. Travel Tip: Do you want to see the sunset in Lima?, make sure to come in between late spring and early fall, from October till May you will be more likely to see the sun in Lima, the rest of the year the city’s sky turns gray and is hard to see this spectacle of nature. The best location? try the Love Park of Miraflores District. 


Today, on my way back home, I was able to take a couple of pictures of the sunset, it was a lovely end to a long, busy day, it felt so good to see it and It feels so good now to share it with you all as well…


It was about 6 pm, The surfers were yet enjoying the last minutes of sunlight and good waves, the traffic was getting worse…well, that magic doesn’t last forever, but it certainly made feel everybody a bit better on their way back home.

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