A Park for the imagination

A few days ago my girls and I were merrily surprised by a great amusement park called “Parque de la Imaginacion” or Park of the Imagination, this place is ideal for children from 3 to 13 years old and it is lots of fun and science in one same place.

The list of activities in this place is big, at the entrance a guide will give you all the information you will need in here (toilets, candy-store, etc.) and will take you to join a group conformed by other families, the tour will take you the “Mundo Feliz”, a miniature world, on a 30 minutes tour that will include a visit to a mini airport, hospital, colors and pens factory, a mini chef school and finally a fire station where children will dress up as firefighters and stop a fire!… what can be cooler than that for a 3 to 8-year-old!!!

After that activity, there are other great areas to explore, a zone to learn about the electricity, a planetarium and a simulator of earthquakes (is simulated for the visitors one of 5 Richter scale). Other activities are: taking a train to see animatronics of animals from Africa, see the pre historic and Jurassic worlds, becoming the size of an insect and seeing gigantic spiders and ants, learning about the organs of the human body and process of the development of an embryo into baby….and lots more! all is included in the admission ticket


18882130_10154911919528192_2880497958714579883_nAbout food, they don’t have a restaurant in the park and only count with a candy store where you can get soda, popcorn, caramel cotton, hot dogs and other things, you can either bring food and eat it there or go out to eat and return using the same ticket (no needs to pay again but is always recommendable to coordinate this with the personnel located by the entrance.

I’m sure Your children will love this place. Show them that science can be fun too!

The price per person is:

Children 8 soles (2.50 US Dollars)

Adult 15 soles (5 US Dollars)

Click Here to check out its location

This place is located in a safe zone, it has a parking area (cost for parking is 5 soles) and is opened from Tuesday  to Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm

Photo Credits: Vanessa Vasquez

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