Foodie Guide: Night-time classic, SALCHIPAPA.


SALCHIPAPA is one of the most popular fast foods of Peru, and Lima city (the capital of this amazing country) famous for its street bites, has Salchipapa street-stands as one of the most common fast food options ,that offer as well sandwiches (sanguches) and  deep fried chicken (Pollo broaster), delicious and high caloric temptations that nobody can resist.

img_1481I have my favorite places to try each one of the above mentioned local classics, and in terms of Salchipapa, there is one restaurant that, in my opinion, serves the best one! my favorite since a child is El Epicentro, located in the market of Magdalena is a great excuse to get some local interaction and going out of the touristy Miraflores district for some adventure.

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But honestly , it us hard not to prepare a good salchipapa, french fried and hot dogs are the easiest thing to prepare, what I like is the local experience and that I thing is what you are looking for, am I right? , you can try excellent ones anywhere in the city, just go for it.

How to make Salchipapa at home?

This is the easiest dish ever. You will need potatoes and hot dogs, all fried in the style of French fries, make as much as feel like eating, you can add a fried egg on top if you wish. Mayonnaise, ketchup, and mustard are always welcome.

different kinds of chili pastes and sauces

If you want to make it more local or eat it in the way Peruvians enjoy it, don’t forget to add a bit of chili paste, we have many kinds of it:

-Yellow chili paste

-Red paste of Rocoto (hot peppers)


-Onions and celery

I’m sure you will like it, give it a try here or at any other place, or prepare it at home! and let me know your opinion about this humble and yummy local dish. Bonus tip: another local option you can try is the Mollejitas, a traditional creole dish (Comida Criolla), chicken gizzards served with yucca and corn.  

traditional Mollejitas


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