A Must-stop in Ica – El Catador Winery and Restaurant

Piscos, a quechua word that means Bird, also used to name the containers where grape juice is stored and converted into the brandy of pisco

Β  Β  Β I come here often with my tour groups and Can’t get bored of this place, is simply fantastic and a great bust for the long way in between Lima and any other destination in the south, local tour guides are great and knowledgeable, and the wine and Pisco are really good (specially if you like sweet wine) , tour and tasting is for free! The circuit takes about 20 minutes, make sure to order your food before starting to have it ready at the end of the visit. I actually like a lot the sweet wines from this place and their Baileys like drinks made of local fruits. Highly recommended.

loving the way how pecan trees look like here


The production of the flag drink of Peru, Pisco takes time and is meticulously taken care since starting to end, when the brandy is ready the distilled drink is separated in different parts, the first is called CABEZA, meaning head, this is the strongest part of the alcohol in the distilled product, it has over 80% of alcohol and is not used as a drink, then comes the CUERPO or body, this is a drinkable part and has from 40% to 42% alcohol, finally the last part is the COLA or tail, not drinkable. We have several variants of Piscos of great quality, some are better to drink alone and some are better to prepare Pisco Sour and other cocktails.

the most important part of the production process of Pico happens here, this is the ALAMBIQUE known in English as alembic or Still
One of the oldest wineries in Ica, this is a land of good wine and Pisco
Chillout time after the tour, and the best moment to try everything on the list. Everything locally made using the organic products of the region.

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