A Merry Christmas in Lima – Peru

The Joyful Christmas season is considered around the world one of the most espected celebrations of the year, and in Peru (an 80% catholic country by latest census) is celebrated from the most humble house to the mansion of the richest family, as usual.

The Christmas ambience starts in november.

In Lima, capital of Peru and the city where I live, Christmas ambience starts in early november, the first lights of colors are put on with the decorations of Papa noel (Santa Claus) and the unmissable plastic christmas tree decorated with fake cotton snow.

The celebrations start officially on the 24th of december, with the families preparing wonderful feasts beautifully elaborated and gathering all together , the most tradicional meal includes : turkey, salad (so many different types of them), mushed potatoe , puree of apple, arabic rice, and for the end there is always hot Chocolate (yes, in summer!) and Panettone (yes, and italian cake) and a toast with champagne . The most humble families with a limited budget will prefers a Pollo a la Brasa which works as good as the turkey and is less expensive, So, It is not yet 11 pm and we have eaten 3000 calories, and we keep counting…

Christmas decorations in the main parks of Lima

Minutes before 12 am families reunite, and we start with the prayers or the sharing of good wishes to one another, and according to the tradicion, the little one of the house uncovers the image of baby Jesus form the nativity set, that has remaind cover with a little piece of fabric since the Nativity has been set up.

Fireworks iluminate the night, 10 minutes recess.

then the fun part starts, the opening of presents and playing with until 3 am!!, finally, all exausted, the children accept to go bed.

Fireworks are legal in Peru

Christmas is not just for children, but for all, some many beautiful memories coming to my mind while writing this post, like seeing my grandma preparing the christmas meal for hours and letting me try the sauces before anyone, or being chosen to uncover the baby jesus, while writing this I felt like a child again.

Merry christmas to you all!

Feliz navidad a todos!!

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