Hop’s Brewery and Restaurant. Great Artesanal Beer made in Lima

An old “solar” or house from the XIX century is now home to Hop’s brewery, a Trujillian business founded by ex-workers of one of the greatest beer brands of Peru BACKUS, now they had opened their way on the business of Craft – Artisanal beer in Peru (a pretty new market here)

     Do you like beer?… I must confess that I like it too, but not the regular-commercial kind of beer, lately, I prefer the artisanal. Maybe is the taste or the variety of options (they can always surprise with an unexpected flavor).. maybe is the fact that we are also helping to grow a small or medium size business and therefore encouraging good and healthy competition among them, this encourages local producers to keep high standards and great results…I don’t know…or maybe is just that I like beer :).

Barley, the main ingredient for beer making is imported from Germany to ensure a great taste. Even water taste is controlled to ensure great flavor and good result.

So if you like artisanal beer here I come with a suggestion, my latest discovery tested and approved by my friends and me, on a XIX century house in one of the oldest districts of Lima – Peru, a bar-brewery named HOP’S, 20 kinds of beer are offered on their list, prices are affordable and they offer a “tabla” with samples of their beers on a great price.

Our “Maestro Cervecero” or beer master

Last year I was invited to be part of a visit to the zone of preparation and a beer tasting, the “maestro Cervecero” (beer master) showed us the process of production from beginning to end, at last, the beers came to us! after the 3rd I forgot all the tasks I had to do that day and the stress that comes on a regular Monday (yes, it was Monday 12:30) highly recommended. You need to cheer up your day? Highly recommended, do you need inspiration or have no other plans for the day? Highly recommended, a bit stressed? highly recommended. Have nothing to do?… you know the answer.

From my last visit to Hops with a friend “…this was a great boost for the week that was just starting.” #mondayafternoonbeer

Yesterday I went back to Hops with a friend to update this post and taste their new flavors, so I learned that recently they have added a couple of new beers, the first one to the left has Aguaymanto (golden berry or gooseberry) flavor, and the 6th is Maca flavor, super delicious and highly recommended. This was a great boost for the week that was just starting.

Great beers with authentic European recipes, this brewery is also trying new flavors often offered to visitors to get first-hand advice.

The strongest (more alcoholic) one can reach 10ΒΊ of alcohol, and the less alcoholic 6ΒΊ ( a regular beer in Peru is only 5ΒΊ ), over 20 types of beers that take you to heaven and back to earth. its location is convenient, just one block away from the famous “Museo the Arqueologia, Antropologia e Historia del Peru ( Museum of Archaeology, Anthropology, and History of Peru ) and the not less famous Taverna Queirolo, where some of the best Local Piscos and Wines are found… Trust me, you won’t like to miss this site, so add it to your to-do’s list of Lima.

If you want to try all samples of they beers in this mini versions, each one 3 soles.

You can be part of the process of beer making in this sanctuary of beer, they open every day of the week, from 12 to 10 pm

Address: Av.General Vivanco 785 – Pueblo Libre, Lima (one block away from the City Hall of Pueblo Libre)

Website: http://www.hops.com.pe/

Hope you fall in love with this national product. Make sure to follow us for more updates on interesting sites in Lima and the rest of Peru.


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