A bit more about me

My Name is Vanessa, I’m a really blessed person, not rich or well-off, but happy. Maybe the most powerful reason of this happiness is that I do for living what keeps me happy and brings a smile to my face every morning…to get to talk! LOL…Also to teach… I teach Peruvian history and culture, I’m a Tour Guide ..other reason that keeps me happy about my work is that I get to eat the best food of my country, not at fancy sites, at the places were really good food is ( most of experienced travelers know that only locals know were the best food is, and often is not on the expensive sites) .

So now you know a bit more about me. And about my love for food, culture and life.

I would love to go with you in this process of traveling throughout my country, let me guide you to my favorite sites.

Got more questions? feel free to contact, skype me: exotic.peru

So, that’s what this site is about: Living life to the fullest, Β that’s what we allΒ should be doing right now. DON’T WASTE ANY TIME.

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