8 things you should NOT do in Peru

Maybe this is your first time traveling to Peru and you are super excited, aren’t you?… packing, and maybe doing a list of things to bring to your adventure…

hiking boots? checked,

sunblock? checked,

Positive attitude? checked…

wp-1495345176252.jpgPreparing for your trip takes to read lots of articles about your destinations, and inform you about the activities you should not forget to put on your bucket list… but then you wonder about the things you should not do in this land of Incas and mesmerizing landscapes… This Local guide will give you her top tips to help you to get around this country and get the best experience ever:

This is the basic rule of 8 things you should never to in Peru:

  • Drinking water from the tap: no! never do that, diarrhea can ruin this beautiful trip that you have dreamt about for years… I do it every once in a while, but that is because I’m used to since little… you shouldn’t!.
  • To take a random taxi: Another big no!, that is another way to put your trip in high risk, prefer a pre-arrange transfer service that you can coordinate with a safe source, use UBER or ask to the reception of your hotel or restaurant. The price won’t be too high and you can save yourself a big deal of problems.
  • To go on a random walk with your passport (having a safe in your room): I know this one can be controversial, since many people prefer to be stick to their passports always, but let’s see it in this way, if you don’t need something THAT important, why would you be taking it to a market, for example?  be wise in terms of documents, a color copy of the passport will be always useful, also don’t take all your credit cards with you, save one in a hidden place just in case… You will need your passport in Airports, trains and board buses with tickets purchased ahead of time (to identify you), to enter to important sites like Machu Picchu, to make use of purchase admission tickets, to do hiking as the Inca Trail one, among others.
  • To not drink enough water in the highlands: this is a fundamental part of your well-being in the highlands of Peru and anywhere around the world. Water and Coca tea are the best natural medicines you can get there, and both should be the first medications you should take when traveling over 2000 meters about sea level. Other medications (like Diamox or soroche pills) should be taken with description. (check on allergic reactions and side effects first).
  • To eat food anywhere: I mean, if you know you have an iron stomach…or you are going to try it with a local expert…well, you can skip this part… but, if you are just starting, be cautious with what you put in your mouth. Actually, most of the people I know that got sick during my tours were not really suffering from food poisoning, they were really suffering from altitude sickness and were dehydrated  (they eat too much or too heavy foods too late in the highlands, and their poor stomachs have troubles to digest everything. try recommended restaurant (I don’t mean the fanciest, only recommended restaurants) try lighter options of smaller portions at least the first couple of days of your stay in the highlands of Peru.
  • Buying last minute everything: this is a big no, no, no! train tickets, admission fees to Machu Picchu, tours and hotels are generally sold much more expensive, or simply won’t be purchased due to the high demand in most of our destinations.
  • Not booking a table ahead of time: if you are planning to go to this super trendy restaurant like Maido, Central or Astrid & Gaston in Lima (actually any highly ranked restaurant in Peru needs a reservation with, in some cases, at least 3 months of anticipation).
  • Make sure your plugs and electronic devices work with our electricity:. In Peru, we use a voltage of 220.

Well, this is it! I hope this travel advice will be useful and helpful. I hope you get the most pleasant memories from your trips in this country.

Photo Credits: Vanessa Vasquez

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