5 Trendy Craft Beer Bars of Lima

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Hello my beer lover friends, is great to have you all back. I’m back with a new list, this time about artisanal beer bars in Lima.

Craft beer making is quite a new thing in Peru, it dates back to 2010 when some locally made brands started to pop up, new entrepreneurs and startups arouse and a new market appeared , young fellows interested in trying new, and better.

Next step was opening beer bars, it was not easy but one out the business thrived , flourishes as fast as the gastronomic boom… now Covid-19 has slow economy down for a while, but is just a matter of time for this business to back on truck, in the never ending search for the perfect flavor.

So, here it goes, my top five Craft beer bars of Lima ( click on the links for more info):

  • Hop’s Brewery : located in the heart of Pueblo Libre district , known as the district of the archeological museums, is a bar and Peruvian creole restaurant. By night time the bar turns into a nightclub , so the atmosphere is great. The beers are produced there and are served directly from the barrels , they have a tasting option to try all their beers to make your selection easier.
  • Barbarian: the atmosphere in its bars is relaxed, very casual and perfect for putting you in the mood before clubbing, my favorite Barbarian bar is in Miraflores, half block away it’s Central Park . They have a great cart of sandwiches and snacks for each of their beers.
  • Barranco Beer Company: it was my first craft beer bar, I came in only for the pizza of purple corn (this is the only place where you can get it) but immediately felt in love with their beer. You can see behind the bar it’s barrels , so the beer comes directly from within this place. One last thing, it is located in my favorite district of Lima, Barranco, so a plus is that you have give a walk to the most artistic part of the city , or to a nightclub before or after your visit.
  • Nuevo Mundo: this bar is perfect for a relaxing conversation after a long work day of a busy tour day, they have a big list of artesanal beers and the offer free samples of beer (by request) if you are new in the art of craft beer (shot glasses) in the clubbing zone of Miraflores is a great way to hit up before a wild night.
  • Lúpulo: Last but not least, their selection of beers they have is impressive , different artisanal brands are available, and they are renovating constantly their cart, so it worth visiting a second time. They also host every Thursday a free entry meeting of the organization Mundo Lingo to exchange languages , you can practice your language or the one you are learning with others in the company of a big glass of beer.

These beer bars changed my life, I can’t drink regular beer anymore !!! 😂 I’m so expensive now 🤣. My husband is not sure to like that or hate that.

Here my lasts beer bar videos that a made of Miraflores and Barranco. The first 2 were made in LÚPULO BAR, and the last one in BARBARIAN BAR:

There are MANY MORE artisanal beer bars in Lima, so far these are the once I visit often and I like the most, I promise to come back after quarantine is done with updated information.

Anyways, hope my list of favorite bars not only have pleased you, but also inspired you to travel to Lima, to try the food, learn about the culture , and to give a try to our local beers, to support the local economy and entrepreneurs that is in so much need of help. Let’s help the small business flourish again.

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