5 Romantic Destinations in Lima

     If you are visiting Lima, my city, with your better half, and you want to give to your special-one a romantic surprise to celebrate an special occasion or simply to spend a good time together but have no idea where to go…NO WORRIES!, here I give you 5 ideas of places you can include in your itinerary in this city:

*Both Pictures above where take from Miraflores Love park: 1. Sunset from love park. 2. Restaurant La Rosa Nautica.

Ok, so let’s go to whats important, my top 5 most romantic places in Lima:

  1. Love Park: top site on our list, the view of the Pacific from here is simply spectacular, as long are you are not in winter months (June, July, August). Tip: the best time to come is at about 6 pm to see the sunset.
  2. Barranco’s bridge of sights: Actually, one of the most famous night-time destinations in the whole city, any part of the historic Barranco district is romantic, with a very bohemian air, art galleries here and there, its boho-chic restaurants, are all perfect for a special occasion. There is NO way you won’t nail it with this one.
  3. Lunch at La Rosa Nautica : imagine traditional Peruvian creole food, a glass of good wine or pisco sour, served right on the sea?… Order ceviche and enjoy the view. Come by sunset if you prefer dinner (sunsets are spectacular here)…she/he will love it!
  4. The Magic Water Circuit // a.k.a. Magic Water Show: One of the best night attractions of Lima, its colors and the view are fantastic and a great starting or ending for any trip in Peru.
  5. The Olives Groove of San Isidro, and a relaxing walk: Located in San Isidro district, this park has some of the most extravagant and luxurious houses of Lima. Is a great way to spend time with the one you love taking some pictures of you both, then you can walk to a local restaurant or bar located at Conquistadores avenue, try with this one: Astrid & Gaston (reservation is requested with anticipation) or another less expensive such as Tanta.
Barranco’s Bridge of Sights
Magic Water Show

Bonus: Find your way to the restaurant “El Salto del Fraile” located on Herradura beach – Chorrillos district, named after a famous and tragical love story. The restaurant’s name means The Jump of the Frair, the local tradition says that a monk in jumped to his death here after saying bye to his love that was on board a ship in the direction to Spain… she joined him right after suiciding, it is our Romeo and Juliette story… Every day an actor performs the jump for visitors in exchange of a tip.

Enjoy your time in Lima.

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