EKEKO, the Genie of good luck

images (3)Who has never seen an Ekeko placed in a house or at an establishment before?… If your answer is No, I haven’t is definitely because you are neither Peruvian or Bolivian… wondering what this figurine is about?

In our culture the EKEKO is a good luck amulet, is a little genie that concedes us all our wishes, what calls the most the attention towards this object is its peculiar form of dressing up and all the other ornaments that have attached to its clothes, they can be: miniatures of cars, houses, food, money (local and USDollars) and always a cigarette in its mouth that seems to be smoked with pleasure by the Ekeko.


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The tradition says that this human form doll represents abundance, fecundity, and joy. Its cult extends from along the Andes of Peru to the northwest of Argentina, passing through Bolivia’s high-plateau. Many call it as Ekeko, but it’s also known in other areas as Iquiqu or Tonupa.
In all cases, the offering will always be lighted cigarettes (this is the greatest pleasure of an Ekeko), if you keep your little genie happy there will be an abundance of money and food wherever you go.
Text: Diego Portal and Vanessa Vasquez
Photo credits: Internet
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