4 Zen Activities You Can Do In Lima City

Do you need a Zen Boost in Lima? This is our list of calming activities in the city

1.- A walk by the ocean

Is not a surprise that a walk by the sea is energetic, we have a long seashore in the city and most of it has really great beaches for some relaxation. Some people prefer to have a much deeper connection with the sea, for those surfing is a great choice, great for body, mind, and spirit. Is your first time here? We recommend you to bring comfortable sandals that you can use to get into the beach, the little rocks can be a bit uncomfortable if you are walking barefooted. Beaches with a great view: Pescadores, Makaha and Waikiki, surfing schools rent surfboards and wetsuit right on the beach every day.

2.- A walk of art

Barranco district has become THE place in terms of entertainment, food, and art, about the latter it is pretty much everywhere: statues, sculptures, architecture, and my favorite of all graffiti. Come for a walk to connect with your artistic – sensitive side, you may be surprised by our city. We recommend you to spend time around the Bridge of Sighs (Puente de los Suspiros) in Barranco.

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3.- Birdwatching

Connection with mother-nature can be done in many different ways, if you are an animal lover you can practice birdwatching in many parks of Lima, there are great birds guides available on the internet or printed that tour can buy in local bookstores in Lima. We recommend you to go to the Olivar park in San Isidro, and the Malecon de Miraflores (boarder walk of Miraflores located in front of the sea) . Your will have a fun, relaxing moment.

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4.- Yoga in the Malecon

Lima is the only capital city in South America that faces the Ocean, this give us an extra score: great sunsets most of the year, fresh ocean breeze always, an a calm sea-from to practice meditation and yoga. Bring your yoga mat, a fabric, or just yourself for a dipper contact with mother earth and relax for a moment, slow down a bit and refill your batteries to continue your journey in Peru.

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